The Seasons Are Changing: Listening Activities for Children Part 1

The changing of seasons is a great time to introduce new words through listening activities when getting dressed and taking a walk outside.

Should My Child With Hearing Loss Be Treated Differently?

10-year-old Hugo from Spain is a cochlear implant recipient and motorcyclist. Hugo’s mom explains why she wants Hugo to be treated like any other child.

The Ling Six Sound Test Explained

Use this simple test to check if someone can hear the speech sounds that they need to build their listening and speaking skills.

Overcoming Otosclerosis Hearing Loss: My VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE

VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE recipient Silke shares her experience of trying to find a solution for over 20 years for her hearing loss due to otosclerosis.

Introducing Environmental Sounds at Home

Use environmental sounds like door bells, alarms and phones ringing for early listening activities with your child with a hearing implant.

All About HearPeers

HearPeers is an online forum for hearing implant recipients to share their experiences & get advice for the journey to hearing. Find out all about it!

Everyday Listening Activities for Different Environments

Listening activities for successful communication in a range of environments from family and social events to work or on the phone.

Meet The Inspiring Women Behind Your Hearing: International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we introduce you to the inspiring women behind your hearing!

Recognizing Voices: Early Listening Activities for Your Child

The first step to build your child’s listening skills is to help them recognize the presence & absence of sound and voices—auditory awareness.

How Electric Acoustic Stimulation Changed My Life

High-frequency hearing loss can be confusing, as you can hear some sounds perfectly, and others not at all. Electric Acoustic Stimulation changed everything for Sherri.