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Losing Sound Then Rediscovering It With SONNET 2: Krystian’s Story, Part 1

Software engineer and musician Krystian from Poland talks about the impact of sudden hearing loss and his return to the world of sound with his cochlear implant.

CI user Krystian

Hello, I’m Krystian from Poland, and I work as an engineering manager. Besides my love for traveling and cooking, music has always played an important role in my life. After I got my implant, I started a YouTube channel where I share my experiences and inform others about hearing loss.

How I Experienced Sudden Hearing Loss

I was fortunate to be born with natural hearing and had never experienced any hearing issues or ear infections. The idea of facing hearing problems seemed unimaginable, especially considering that no one in my family, even in their old age, had encountered such challenges.

I unexpectedly lost my hearing in 2018 when a sudden sensation of blockage engulfed my ear. Initially, it felt like congestion, similar to the sensation of diving into water. However, as time passed, the feeling worsened, impacting both my well-being and my ability to hear in that ear. Eventually, I completely lost hearing in that ear and also experienced dizziness, vomiting, strange noises, and tinnitus.

CI user Krystian

After a month of many hospital visits, audiological tests, various treatments, and extensive therapy, my situation still had not improved. Instead, a test confirmed sudden hearing loss in my left ear.  Despite exhaustive efforts to regain my hearing, I eventually came to the painful realization that my hearing loss was irreversible. It was a tough time for me, particularly for my mental well-being. Initially, I couldn’t come to terms with it.

The Negative Impact of Hearing Loss

Losing the ability to hear in one ear affected my social life and prevented me from enjoying activities that had brought me happiness:

  • Noisy environments and crowded places became exhausting for me, often leading to severe headaches.
  • Focusing on conversations in a crowded place was challenging because it was hard to identify where a voice was coming from, and tinnitus combined with dizziness made it even more difficult.
  • Walking on the street could be stressful because I could hear a car approaching, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. This led to me constantly worrying about my safety.
  • I could no longer enjoy listening to music the way I had before, which caused significant stress and mental breakdowns.

Fortunately, I could work remotely and avoid noisy public transport and crowded offices. I could adjust my headphones during remote meetings to block out distracting sounds. During that time, my family and my fiancée were very supportive. I can’t imagine having better people around me.

Choosing the Right Hearing Solution

I checked all available options that didn’t require surgery before deciding on a cochlear implant. I tried various devices such as headphones that transmit vibrations, in-ear hearing aids that transfer sound through bone vibrations, and bone conduction systems without surgical intervention. However, none of these solutions worked for me.

So I decided to undergo cochlear implant surgery because I wasn’t satisfied with my hearing status. The surgery took place three years after I lost my hearing. At the hospital, I received various brochures about audio processors, and I chose SONNET 2.

How I Experienced Activation Day

I’ll never forget that day. The clinical engineer explained everything because I was curious about what was happening inside the implant and the processor. When we started with the basic settings, he hit me with the first sound, and I said, “Whoa!”

It wasn’t exactly a musical masterpiece, but hey, it was something! For the first time in three years, I heard a noise in my left ear. It was like a solo, relatively high-pitched, and just going on and on. The next few days were a trip. I couldn’t believe how it all worked. It felt like I was getting sound, but it was happening “in my head,” not going through my ear.

Honestly, I'm still blown away by the whole thing and how it all clicks.


Musician and CI user from Poland

What I Like About My Cochlear Implant

  • I’m genuinely thrilled with the progress I’ve made on my auditory journey. The sound quality and volume have consistently improved week after week, which is a testament to the notable progress I’ve experienced.
  • What adds to my satisfaction is the remarkably lightweight nature of my SONNET 2 audio processor. Throughout the day, it’s easy to forget that I have it on my head.
  • One aspect that adds a touch of style is the design of the SONNET 2 processor with its cable—it just looks cool! It almost makes me feel like a cyborg, and I love that unique aspect.
  • SONNET 2 also comes with various accessories, which I find incredibly convenient. The AudioStream for my SONNET 2 has proven to be an invaluable accessory, particularly during the initial stages of rehabilitation. It has significantly aided me in my journey towards better hearing.

Find out more about Krystian and his YouTube channel in part two of this article.


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Barbara Choo

March 20, 2024

Glad that this worked for you. Is the hearing in your other ear normal? both my ears are deaf and I have Sonnet 2 implanted in one ear only so your experience is not necessarily the best example of what MedEl can do to make listening to music enjoyable.


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March 21, 2024

Hi Barbara, thanks for reaching out. We recommend getting in touch with your local MED-EL team to find a solution for your other ear too. Please find them here by searching for your area: Kind regards, Gordana


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