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Use Your Tablet to Teach Your Child

Screens are a part of everyday life, both at work and in our free time. We use them to communicate with others, read, watch television and films, listen to music, play games, draw, attend meetings, write, browse social media, and more. As devices are used in so many ways in our lives, it is essential that we know how to use them to our best advantage so that they can be learning tools for children with hearing implants. Remember that the most valuable tool for learning with tablets is you. When you sit together with your child, the fun and learning can begin! Here are some tips for using tablets to help your child with a hearing implant learn.

User Stories
How My Hybrid CI Helps Me Hear Music Better: Laura’s Story

Meet 38-year-old Laura, a musician and cochlear implant user from Finland. Laura lost her hearing in 2018 and could not carry on with everyday life and could no longer make music. In this article, she tells us how life with hearing loss felt and how an EAS system—consisting of cochlear implant technology for high-pitched sounds and hearing aid technology for low-pitched sounds—helped her go back to fully enjoying and making music again.

About MED-EL

At MED-EL, we’re passionate about helping people with hearing loss. It has been this way since 1977 when Ingeborg and Erwin Hochmair pioneered the modern cochlear implant. Since then, we’ve grown into the leading hearing implant company, active in over 130 countries around the world and with solutions for every type of hearing loss.

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