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A YouTuber With a Cochlear Implant: Krystian’s Story, Part 2

Krystian lost his hearing in his left ear. But after rediscovering sound with his cochlear implant, he began experimenting with sound. He also started a YouTube channel to spread awareness of hearing loss and cochlear implants.

YouTuber and CI user Krystian

Krystian talked about losing and rediscovering his hearing in part one of this article.

My Rehab Process With a Cochlear Implant

  • I started hearing single words after 2-3 months. After each audio processor fitting, I was able to hear better.
  • After three months, I could listen to audiobooks and podcasts directly through the implant in a quiet environment.
  • After one year, even music started to improve.
  • The best improvement was after one and a half years when the frequencies were significantly increased and the sound from the audio processor was finally at the same volume level as my other ear.

For rehab activities, I used AudioStream to listen to a single sound, remember it, and guess it correctly when played randomly. I did the same with syllables. Once this was no longer challenging, I started listening to and repeating words and full sentences. After 5 months, I started listening to audiobooks and podcasts and spent 10 minutes a day listening to music.

My hearing through the implant has been continuously improving, and I can now recognize the sounds of various instruments. However, some instruments, such as the piano, still do not sound the same through the implant as through my hearing ear. Nonetheless, drums and bass guitar sound great, and I’m optimistic about continued progress in my hearing.

Experimenting With Music Despite Hearing Loss

Music has always been a part of my life. I played bass in many bands and even lived the life of a rock musician for a while, touring from concert to concert, from the bus to the hotel and so on. I cherish those memories. The most recent musical project I had with my brother is called Deer Scarlet. We released several singles with professional music videos that featured actors. However, after I lost my hearing in one ear, I took a break from the music world.

CI user Krystian

After implantation, I returned to the world of sound and gained a lot of motivation.


Musician and CI user from Poland

I started experimenting more with sound and began learning new things again, such as sound design, audio engineering, and music production. This led to the idea of a new solo project, which I called HalfSound. I have already released a few songs and a music video in which I express myself through various animations.

Spreading Hearing Loss Awareness via YouTube

When I lost my hearing, I spent several months searching for help and answers to my questions. Unfortunately, it was challenging to find the necessary information in Poland. I then decided to do more research about hearing loss. As I researched, I was surprised to learn that 1.5 billion people worldwide face hearing-related problems. This finding motivated me to share my experience.

I decided to create a YouTube channel called I, Cyborg since the internet is a powerful source of information. Initially, I shared videos narrating my story. But my channel gained popularity when I uploaded a video describing how I hear through the implant. I have experience with music and sound, and my other ear works well, so I can compare various sounds.

CI user Krystian

Although everyone hears differently and has a unique experience, I hoped my videos would help others with hearing loss.

Eventually, people started contacting me, asking for advice. Evidently, there was a lack of content like mine, and I’m happy that I could help people in need find the answers.

No Regrets About Getting a Cochlear Implant

My cochlear implant completely changed my life. I was able to overcome my mental struggles, and being in social situations or noisy environments no longer bothers me. I can spend more time outside my home, which motivated me to return to my biggest hobby: music. Although I had to make some adjustments, like changing my headset, remembering to charge batteries, and drying my audio processor daily, these are trivial compared to what I gained from the implant. I don’t regret my decision. Even though my recovery after the surgery wasn’t pleasant, I would still do it all over again!

My Advice for Others With Hearing Loss

Do not hesitate about getting a cochlear implant. The hearing outcomes can be great and improve your quality of life.

CI user Krystian

However, being patient and consistent in the rehabilitation process is important.

Remember that the sound from the implant may not be perfect from the beginning, but with time and dedication, you can achieve great results.

Thank you, Krystian!


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