Why Structure Preservation Of The Cochlea Is So Important

The cochlea is full of delicate structures, and the goal of a cochlear implant surgery is structure preservation. Here's what MED-EL does.

Meet the Leader of MED-EL’s Global Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation is one of the most important stages for a cochlear implant recipient on their journey to hearing. Hearing specialists and the right rehabilitation materials can help you learn to [...]

Tips Straight From a Mommy: Finding Out Your Child Has Hearing Loss

Have you ever wanted to hear straight from another parent about what it’s like to have a child with hearing loss? Mothers know best, as they say! Meet Chelsea, whose one-year-old son Elijah is a [...]

Making Music From Maths: Meet MED-EL’s Master of Sound Coding

Peter Nopp is the Director of Research Signal Processing at MED-EL. Peter and his team use mathematical operations to code sound, shaping how and what people with a MED-EL cochlear implant [...]

Hearing Earlier Can Mean Hearing Better

Hearing better happens with early and meaningful exposure to sounds. It is the best way to help a child develop their listening and spoken communication.

Meet MED-EL’s Electrode Array Wizard, Claude Jolly

Claude Jolly is MED-EL’s director of cochlear implant electrode array development, leading the research and design of our flexible electrode arrays. Since joining MED-EL in 1998, Claude has [...]

All About Cochlear Implant Rechargeable Batteries

If you’ve got a SONNET audio processor and are curious about the new cochlear implant rechargeable batteries, this post will help answer all your questions.

It’s a Noisy, Noisy World: Denice’s Hearing Loss Book

Denice, a MED-EL cochlear implant recipient, wrote a hearing loss book, and in this guest story you can get an exclusive peek into her life and the book.

How Speech Tracking Can Build Communication Skills

Want to build your listening and communication skills? A great and easy way to do that is with speech tracking. Here's how you can use speech tracking.

How a MED-EL Cochlear Implant is Made: Part 3

A behind-the-scenes look at how a cochlear implant is made. This is part 3, which shows research and development of the MED-EL cochlear implant.