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How a Hearing Implant Helps a Young Cellist With Microtia

10-year-old BONEBRIDGE user Daniel from Spain talks about the life-changing decision to get a BONEBRIDGE bone conduction implant, how it improved his music enjoyment, and how it allowed him to play the cello without any restrictions.

CI user Daniel from Spain with his Cello

Hello! I’m Daniel and I’m 10 years old. I’m from Astorga in Spain. To help me with the hearing loss I have due to microtia, I got a BONEBRIDGE bone conduction implant and a SAMBA 2 audio processor. They have even allowed me to enjoy music.

Besides playing my cello, I love math and science. I also like reading and sports, especially indoor football and swimming.

The Struggle to Find a Good Solution for Microtia

I was born with microtia, so I have always had hearing loss in one ear. Starting when I was only one year old, I wore a hearing aid band that worked with bone conduction. But since it was very uncomfortable on my head, I eventually stopped wearing it. I’d been afraid of being laughed at, and some children started avoiding me because of my ear. But my family was always there for me and supported me a lot.

ADHEAR to Support Learning to Play the Cello

When I was five years old, I went to a music school where my teacher recognized my musical talent and enrolled me at the music conservatory “Ángel Barja” in Astorga. There I started playing the cello. At the same time, my parents decided—after a lot of research—to get me MED-EL’s ADHEAR, a bone-conduction hearing device to support my music enjoyment despite hearing loss.

BONEBRIDGE: A Bone Conduction Implant That’s Ideal for Children

Shortly after, I was advised by the doctors to get a BONEBRIDGE bone conduction implant together with a SAMBA 2 audio processor. My parents and I decided the best way to improve my hearing even further would be for me to get the surgery. The first thing I noticed after the audio processor activation was how many different sounds around me I had been missing. I could suddenly hear with both my ears for the first time.

Daniel from Spain

Starting at the age of six, I participated in music contests at school and played in concerts. I was also part of the ensemble CellosMagics where I was able to attend a master class with the famous cellists Chu Yi-Bing and Daniel Acebes.


BONEBRIDGE user from Spain

Today, I practice the cello for at least one hour per day. That has helped my hearing since activation, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

BONEBRIDGE & SAMBA 2: The Perfect Pair

I’ve noticed a big difference in the quality of sound as well as wearing comfort since I got my BONEBRIDGE implant:

  • When people talk to me, I hear and understand everything the first time. This makes conversations much easier since nothing needs to be repeated.
  • My SAMBA 2 is not only light but also super easy to put on and take off. The magnet ensures it also stays on my head the whole day, and I don’t have to worry that it might fall off.
  • The handling of my SAMBA 2 is very simple. Changing the battery only takes me a few seconds.
  • I also love that the different design covers of my SAMBA 2 make it easy to personalize my audio processor.

Since I’m a big fan of MED-EL’s audio processor designs, I participated in the “IDEASforEARS” contest where I shared my idea of a camouflaged hearing device for people with microtia. It is a hearing device designed to look like an ear that people with microtia can use to hear better and to cover up the ear that is underdeveloped due to microtia.

A Decision That Changed My Life for the Better

My BONEBRIDGE bone conduction implant and my SAMBA 2 audio processor have allowed me to have a future full of beautiful sounds. Thanks to them, I was able to start playing the cello and can do any sport I want without restrictions.

I am living proof that a hearing implant can completely change your life. I recommend that everyone with hearing loss takes advantage of the incredible solutions available as soon as possible–it will be worth it!

Thank you, Daniel!


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