Mother’s Love for a Child With Hearing Loss

MED-EL recipient Magteld Smith has had an incredible life, and it started with her mother's love growing up as a child with hearing loss.

Help Improve Your Hearing in Difficult Listening Situations

Difficult listening situations don’t mean that you have to hear poorly. With these tips you may be able to improve your hearing and listening skills regardless of the intruding sounds.

What Is a Degree of Hearing Loss?

The degree of hearing loss is measured by testing the softest sounds that an individual can hear at different pitches.

Build Language Skills by Repeating Everyday Routines

Repetition Helps Build Language Skills. By speaking words or phrases you can build your child’s listening and language skills.

My Cochlear Implant Story: The First Sounds I Heard

MED-EL cochlear implant recipient Claire Stancliffe shares her cochlear implant story in the months after she received a cochlear implant.

Cochlear Implant Expectations for Friends and Family

Make your hearing journey easier by letting your family know about your hearing and your cochlear implant expectations.

What Does a Waterproof Cochlear Implant Mean for You?

Take we dive a into finding out what a waterproof cochlear implant means, including pictures of Ingress Protection (IP) testing.

Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Activities This Holiday Season

Here are some cochlear implant rehabilitation activities that you can use to help your child listen and learn at his or her best.