The Secret To Making A Reliable Cochlear Implant

It goes without saying that a cochlear implant should be reliable. Why? Because your cochlear implant should enable you to hear all day, every day, without any interruptions. Without a reliable cochlear implant, this isn’t possible.

At MED-EL, we ensure that our cochlear implants provide the reliability you deserve. That means that our MED-EL users, like you, can expect natural-sounding, reliable hearing for years after getting your implant.

How do we give you peace of mind with hearing? These three important factors ensure the highest cochlear implant reliability.


1: Individually Made By Hand

If you want to create a reliable cochlear implant, you have to have the right tools and the right people. And MED-EL’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has just that. From high-tech silicone molding technology to precision laser welding, your implant is built by hand using the latest manufacturing methods.

What’s more, our manufacturing facility is located next to our research and development buildings, making it easy for our engineers and technicians to work together. Having everyone based at our headquarters in Austria makes it much easier to produce the highest quality and most reliable implants.


2: Check, Check, And Check Again

Your cochlear implant needs to be tested and made durable for all conditions. An implant or audio processor may be able to withstand the cool conditions of the laboratory, but will it still work in tropical weather or snowy seasons? To make sure, we test all our new devices so that they can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday life.

After each implant is hand-made by our team here in Austria, they are put through a long line of quality control checks.  We’re rigorous in our testing so that you get years of reliable hearing with your implant.


3: MRI Safety

MRI machines contain powerful magnets, which can cause serious problems for the small magnet in your implant if it’s not designed in the right way.

SYNCHRONY’s specially-designed magnet is not affected by the magnetic field in the MRI machine during routine 1.5 Tesla or 3.0 Tesla MRIs. This prevents damage to your implant during a scan, and means you won’t require additional magnet removal surgery, which can also damage your implant. SYNCHRONY’s magnet is not only good for the implant, it also makes the MRI process much more comfortable for you too!  No surgery needed, no hearing downtime.


Take a closer look at how we make our cochlear implants here.

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