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Everyday Listening Activities for Different Environments

An important goal for many hearing implant recipients is successful communication with people in a range of environments, including family and social events, at work, or in the car. The Hear Today resource from MED-EL offers listening activities to open up your world of communication.

Hear Today is a resource developed by MED-EL for young people and adults with hearing loss. It aims to help develop independent listening skills in everyday situations. It provides useful information and tips for successful rehabilitation with a hearing implant.

Hear Today is available as both a paper resource and digital application that can be purchased for your phone or tablet device. It is available for iOS and Android devices from your usual provider. There is a free LITE version that allows you to try the program once for free, and then a paid version which you can use multiple times. The paper resource can be purchased from the local MED-EL Representative in your country.

You can select your own hearing goals within the resource and choose exercises with different levels of difficulty.

Hear Today provides tips and tricks for building these listening skills:

  • Recognizing environmental sounds
  • Managing conversation in social situations
  • Chatting in the car
  • Listening at a distance from the speaker
  • Talking on the phone
  • Engaging with music
  • Watching television
  • Understanding speech with complex information

Check out our range of free downloadable rehabilitation resources.

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