The MED-EL SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System FAQ

We know you might have a lot of questions about the new MED-EL SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System, so we’ve put together this list of questions and answers to help you learn more about the SYNCHRONY system.

The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System

SYNCHRONY is the newest and most advanced cochlear implant system from MED-EL. It includes the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant, the SONNET Behind-the-Ear Audio Processor, the SONNET EAS Behind-the-Ear Audio Processor, and the RONDO Single-Unit Processor.

What are the key features of the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System?

The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System has lots of features that are new to MED-EL cochlear implant systems, some of which are entirely unique to the cochlear implant field. Here are some of the new features, and we’ll explain more about them in the rest of this FAQ.

  1. The SONNET Audio Processor
    • Water resistance: an IP 54 rating
    • Automatic Sound Management 2.0: the newest ASM, with features including:
      • Wind Noise Reduction
      • Microphone Directionality
      • Automatic Volume Control
      • Optional built-in EAS compatibility
  2.  The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant
    • Removable magnet
    • MRI safe at 3.0 T, without the need to remove the magnet
    • With or without PINs


Who can use SYNCHRONY?

The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System is approved for use with all ages. The SONNET Audio Processor is compatible with the last 20 years of MED-EL cochlear implants, which means that if you have a SYNCHRONY, MED-EL CONCERT, CONCERTO, PULSAR, SONATA, C40+, or C40 Cochlear Implant you can use the SONNET Audio Processor. The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant is compatible with all current MED-EL cochlear implant audio processors, which means that if you have a SONNET, RONDO, OPUS 2, or OPUS 1 Audio Processor you can use the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant.

The SONNET Audio Processor

The SONNET is the cochlear implant audio processor for the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System. It is a behind-the-ear audio processor that is water resistant and filled with all of MED-EL’s newest technologies like Automatic Sound Management 2.0*.

Is the SONNET water resistant?

Yes. The SONNET has an IP54 rating, which means that it is protected against sweat, rain, and humidity in general. Additionally, WaterWear is an accessory available for SONNET, offering a waterproof skin to keep your audio processor dry in water-based activities.  This accessory enables you to go swimming in the ocean, dive in the lake, or just sit by the pool, all while enjoying your hearing without worry. WaterWear is also available for OPUS 2 and RONDO.

What’s new in Automatic Sound Management 2.0?

Automatic Sound Management includes brand-new processing features. These are:

  1. Wind Noise Reduction, which minimizes continuous wind noise to provide improved listening in outdoor environments
  2. Microphone Directionality, which focuses on the sounds that are in front of the listener and reducing background noise to make it easier to understand speech
  3. Automatic Volume Control, which automatically adjusts volume levels to ensure that sounds are clear and comfortable

What about Datalogging?

The SONNET has integrated Datalogging which allows your audiologist the ability to fit and customize maps to how each individual recipients uses their processor.

Does the SONNET have wireless connectivity?

Yes, the SONNET has an integrated telecoil as well as future-ready 2.4 GHz connection. This means that it can be wirelessly connected to assistive listening devices like loop induction systems and neck loops. The SONNET can be connected to Bluetooth-capable devices through an appropriate neck loop or ALD.

How long is SONNET’s battery life?

The SONNET offers up to 60 hours of hearing with two size 675 zinc air batteries. Recommended batteries include PowerOne IMPLANT plus p675, ZeniPower 675P, and PowerOne ACCU plus p675, although any high-power size 675 battery will fit the SONNET.

How many microphones does the SONNET have?

The SONNET has two omni-directional microphones located near the top side of the audio processor.

Who can use the SONNET?

The SONNET is CE-Marked for use by individuals of all ages. It is compatible with the last 20 years of MED-EL cochlear implants, which means anybody with a SYNCHRONY, MED-EL CONCERT, CONCERTO, PULSAR, SONATA, C40+, or C40 cochlear implant can use the SONNET audio processor.

How small is the SONNET?

The SONNET is 56.7 mm high, 37.4 mm deep, and 5.9 mm wide. Including the battery pack and two zinc-air batteries, it weighs 10.6 grams.

How many colors does the SONNET come in?

The audio processor comes in 6 different colors: black, white, anthracite, beige, ebony, and nordic grey. The interchangeable microphone covers and battery pack covers are available in an additional 9 colors: sienna brown, creme, bordeaux red, pacific blue, orange, green, baby pink, baby blue, and cool grey. Additionally, skins are available for the SONNET so you can create your own custom look.

What coil cables are available?

There are three different lengths of cables, including 8.5 cm, 11 cm, and 28 cm. The cables are available in black, beige, nordic grey, and white colors.

How should I care for the SONNET?

Like other CI audio processors, there are a few things you can do to make sure your SONNET is working its best. Although the SONNET is water resistant, it’s always a good idea to wipe it down after contact with water because water can cover the microphones and reduce their efficiency. Also, using the included drying kit daily will help to ensure any remaining moisture is removed. Finally, the SONNET includes removable microphone covers that we recommend are changed every 3 months with normal use.

How long does it take to switch between different programs?

The SONNET can switch between programs in 15 milliseconds.

How long does it take to turn on the SONNET?

The SONNET takes one second from being turned on to providing hearing.

The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant

What is the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant?

The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant is the newest MED-EL cochlear implant. It updates the proven design and reliability of the PULSAR, SONATA, and CONCERTO cochlear implants by introducing a magnet design as yet unseen in the cochlear implant field.

What is special about this magnet?

The magnet is MRI-safe for use at 3.0 Tesla, which means that a recipient with the SYNCHRONY CI can have a 3.0 T MRI without needing to remove the magnet. This is good for everybody who wants the high-definition images provided by a 3.0 T MRI, and is especially useful in cases when emergency MRIs are required and there is no time to remove the magnet.

The SYNCHRONY CI is the only cochlear implant approved for 3.0 T MRIs without magnet removal.

How is this possible?

The SYNCHRONY CI has a special freely rotating and self-aligning diametric magnet, which isn’t affected by the MRI’s magnet field and prevents the implant from moving around or becoming demagnetized during MRI scans.

Why would I want a 3.0 T MRI?

More Teslas means higher definition. 3.0 T MRIs are high-power and high-definition MRI scanners, and are amongst the most powerful commercially available MRIs.

Is the magnet removable?

Yes. In the rare cases where magnet removal is preferred or required, the SYNCHRONY CI’s magnet can be surgically removed from the implant. A non-magnetic spacer can be placed within the implant for use during the scan and then replaced after the MRI is completed.

What is a “PIN”?

The SYNCHRONY CI comes in two versions, with and without PINs. The PINs are very simply that: pins, made from the same titanium that houses the CI’s electronics, which provide even more implant stability. The choice to use a SYNCHRONY PIN is up to the surgeon.

How small is the SYNCHRONY CI?

The SYNCHRONY CI is 45.7 mm tall, 25.4 mm wide, and 4.5 mm thick.

What electrode arrays can be used with the SYNCHRONY CI?

All current MED-EL electrode arrays, plus the new FLEX 20, can be used with the SYNCHRONY CI. This includes the FLEX Series, FORM Series, Classic Series, ABI, and custom-made electrode arrays.

Who can use the SYNCHRONY CI?

All current MED-EL audio processors are compatible with the SYNCHRONY CI, which means that anyone with an OPUS 1, OPUS 2, RONDO, or SONNET audio processor can use their same audio processor with the SYNCHRONY CI. Due to the SYNCHRONY CI’s unique magnet design special coil magnets are necessary, but the audio processor does not need to be replaced.

The WaterWear for RONDO, SONNET, and OPUS 2

What is the WaterWear for RONDO, SONNET, and OPUS?

The WaterWear is the first fully waterproof accessory for a MED-EL CI audio processor. It is designed specifically for the RONDO, SONNET, and OPUS 2 audio processors, and provides complete protection from freshwater, saltwater, and chlorinated pools, as well as common cosmetics, soap, and sunscreen.

How waterproof is “waterproof”?

WaterWear is completely dustproof and waterproof at depths of more than 1 meter. It has an IP68 rating, and in MED-EL tests of more than two dozen RONDOS with WaterWear all units were waterproof at a depth of 4 meters for two hours.

How do I use the WaterWear?

The WaterWear consists of a cover and adhesive strip. Applying the WaterWear is easy: just put the cover over the RONDO and then use the strip to ensure that the RONDO is securely sealed inside.

Where can I use the WaterWear?

You can use the WaterWear anywhere there’s water: in the shower, in the bath, in the pool, at the lake, or by the ocean.

Can the WaterWear be used with the Sports Headband?

Yes, the WaterWear can be easily used with the Sports Headband. Together, these provide an exceptionally secure and completely waterproof way to wear the RONDO, SONNET, and OPUS 2.

How long does each WaterWear last?

Because using the WaterWear requires using of rechargeable batteries, the practical lifetime of each WaterWear is equal to that of the batteries.

What is in the WaterWear kit?

The WaterWear kit contains three WaterWear covers and 9 adhesive strips. Each cover may be used up to three times, and each strip (which is used to seal the WaterWear) is single-use.

How do I get my own WaterWear?

You can get your own WaterWear by contacting your local MED-EL representative.

For more information

For more information about the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System, please visit the MED-EL website.

*Some features may not be approved in your area.

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