Have a Question About the MED-EL Sports Headband?

We’ve just released the newest accessory for MED-EL audio processors, the MED-EL Sports Headband. Have a question? Check out our FAQ below:

What is the MED-EL Sports Headband?

It’s just like the name says: the sports headband is a headband designed so that you can use your MED-EL audio processor during sports and other activities. It has two pockets that keep your processor(s) securely in place so that you can enjoy uninterrupted hearing with comfort and confidence.

What’s so special about the design?

The Sports Headband is perfect for people who lead active lifestyles. It is made from a comfortable but durable fabric that is has features that are ideal for all sorts of activities: it ventilates and wicks away moisture*, regulates temperature while resisting odor, and fits comfortably around the head with its flat seams.

Who can use the Sports Headband?

Anybody can use the Sports Headband! We have created four different models to fit heads of all sizes. “Extra Small” is for heads smaller than 51cm in circumference, “Small” is for heads between 51-55cm, “Medium” is for heads between 56-59cm, and “Large” is for those larger than 60cm in circumference.

What audio processors can be used with the Sports Headband?

The Sports Headband was designed especially for the RONDO single-unit processor, the Vibrant Soundbridge Amadé, and the Bonebridge Amadé BB.

Who makes the Sports Headband?

The Sports Headband has been developed in cooperation with Skinfit, who has made quality outdoor clothing since 1997.

How can I learn more about getting my very own Sports Headband?

It’s easy, we’ve got a handy request form right on our website. Just go here and fill out the appropriate details to let us know that you are interested! Or, contact your local MED-EL representative and they will have all the information for you.

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