MED-EL Cochlear Implant Activation Videos

cochlear implant activation can be one of the most surprising or emotional moments in the hearing journey. Of course activations are different for everyone, but that’s also what can makes them so special: everybody reacts in their own unique way.

We love hearing about our recipients’ activation stories, and watching cochlear implant activation videos is a great way to see the very start of each person’s hearing journey. So, we’ve put together this collection of six of our favorite videos for you to enjoy.

Melany Hears Without Hearing Aids

Let’s start with something a little emotional. Melany had used a hearing aid, but at 30 seconds into this video you can see the exact moment when her new-found hearing puts her at a loss for words.

Jayde Becomes the Youngest American RONDO Recipient

Jayde was adopted by Jacqueline R. Scholl, an audiologist who founded The Scholl Center for Communication Disorders. While on the flight from China, Jayde’s country of birth, Jacqueline noticed that Jayde didn’t respond to any of the sounds from the in-flight entertainment system. Shortly after Jayde received a MED-EL implant and started hearing with the OPUS 2. Then in April, 2013, she became the first American pediatric recipient to receive the RONDO Single Unit Processor. This video is of her RONDO activation: look at that smile!

Kiersta’s Laugh is Contagious

To see another child’s cochlear implant activation, check out Kiersta’s fantastic laugh as she’s activated for the first time.

Watch MED-EL guest blogger Helena Martins

Here’s our very own Helena Martins, guest author on the MED-EL blog! If you’d like to hear more about Helena, you can check out her hearing journey here.

Stephen Young Explains the Whole Activation

Stephen Young has a whole series of videos about his cochlear implantation and activation, and this one focuses specifically on the activation. If you’re interested in a first-hand, step-by-step explanation of what happens during an activation, this is the video to watch.

You can also read Stephen’s blog about his hearing journey for more information.

A Hearing Journey Story From Birth to Activation

Finally, here’s a longer video that goes way beyond the implantation. It’s the beginning of little Sean’s whole hearing journey, from his birth through to the activation.

If you’re looking forward to your cochlear implant activation, have you thought about filming it? Or if you’ve already been activated, do you have a cochlear implant activation video of your own to share? We’d love to see them!

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