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How To Keep Your Audio Processor In Top Condition

When you’re using something every day, there’s always a chance of a bit of wear and tear. But with a few little tricks, it’s easy to keep your audio processor in top condition.

That’s something that Andy, a technician from the Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service, in the UK, knows all about. He helps to look after the spares and repairs service there, ensuring that patients’ equipment is working as it should. He also sees patients after their switch-on and upgrade appointments, showing them their new kit and explaining how everything works.

We asked him to share his top five tips for looking after your audio processor and keeping it working in top condition.


1. Don’t Try To Force Anything

It might be tempting, especially if you are frustrated, but don’t force anything into place. If it isn’t working, then double check the user manual, quick guide or hands-on videos to make sure that you are doing it correctly. You can find this information on MED-EL’s support pages.



2. Be Careful With The Coil Cable

If you have a BTE processor like SONNET or OPUS 2 try not to twist the coil cable around when you attach the coil to your head. Damaged cables are one of the most common problems I see but handling them with care should prevent any problems.


Audio Processor Condition


3. Remember To Change The Microphone Covers

Remember to change the microphone covers regularly. You should replace them at least every three months—sooner if they are dirty or are affecting the quality of sound.



4. Use Your Drying Kit

Unless you are using RONDO 2, remember to put your audio processor in the drying kit every night. This can really make a difference with moisture issues.



5. Keep Your Processor Secure

Avoid unnecessary damage to your implant’s audio processor by keeping it secure during any type of physical activity that could cause it to fall on the floor.

There’s a range of fixation options that can help keep your processor in place, including headbands and attachment clips.

Sports Headband


Thanks, Andy!

Read more about processor care and maintenance here.

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