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Everything You Need to Know About International Cochlear Implant Day

One of the biggest days in the hearing implant community is here: International Cochlear Implant Day. If you’re in any cochlear implant recipient groups, you’ve probably heard people talk about it—or even celebrated it yourself. But what exactly is it? And why did it start? We’re here to answer common questions about International Cochlear Implant Day.

What Is International Cochlear Implant Day?

International Cochlear Implant Day (CI Day) takes place every year on February 25. CI Day is all about celebrating cochlear implants, which have given hundreds of thousands of people around the world access to sound.

Who Started Cochlear Implant Day?

The first-ever CI Day was celebrated back in 2009 by a group of Spanish cochlear implant recipients called “Federación AICE”. It was soon adopted by cochlear implant institutions in other countries. Today it’s celebrated by recipients and organizations everywhere, both on social media and in person.

Why Is It Held on February 25?

February 25 is a very special day in the history of cochlear implants. It’s the anniversary of the first-ever cochlear implantation, carried out by French doctors Charles Eyries and André Djourno in 1957. Their device used an electrode with a single channel to stimulate the auditory nerve and allow some perception of sound. That first implant was very different to the modern multi-channel cochlear implants used today. Still, it was a ground-breaking point in the history of hearing technology: For the first time, a medical device could replace a human sense.

Why Celebrate Cochlear Implant Day?

Although it’s estimated that over 700,000 people around the world have a cochlear implant, there are many more who could still benefit from this life-changing technology. Celebrating CI day helps raise awareness for cochlear implants so that more people learn about it. By sharing your story online, you might encourage someone else to think about cochlear implants. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to let the wider community know about CIs and hearing loss in general.

How Can I Celebrate Cochlear Implant Day?

Celebrating CI day is as simple as sharing a picture on social media telling some of your co-workers about your implants. Or if you want to take it even further, why not have a party or an online meetup with your CI community? You can find more ideas about how to celebrate Cochlear Implant Day in this blog post.

What Hashtags Should I Use to Celebrate Cochlear Implant Day?

The most popular hashtags to use are #InternationalCochlearImplantDay, #CochlearImplantDay, #CIDay. And of course, you can always use #medelmiracle to tag us.

Are There Any Other Days I Should Celebrate?

The other big day on the calendar is World Hearing Day, which is on March 3 every year. This is promoted by the World Health Organization and raises awareness on how to prevent hearing loss and promote hearing care. Learn more about World Hearing Day on our blog.

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