All About ActiveWear And BabyWear

ActiveWear and BabyWear are brand-new lightweight wearing accessories from MED-EL. They are designed to help securely fasten your SONNET audio processor no matter your age and no matter how active your lifestyle is!


What Are ActiveWear and BabyWear?

ActiveWear is a wearing option for your SONNET that reduces the weight on your ear by clipping the SONNET battery pack onto your clothes. It is the smallest and lightest behind-the-ear audio processor wearing option available in the world.

BabyWear is a completely off-the-ear wearing option which clips the entire SONNET processor onto clothing, offering more secure fixation and free movement for your baby. This means no more limitations for your baby if they aren’t quite ready for a behind-the-ear audio processor.


Who Can Use ActiveWear And BabyWear?

ActiveWear is the perfect behind-the-ear wearing option for young children through to adults who want additional fixation for their SONNET audio processor. For children, it’s a great daily wearing option to help keep their processor safe and in place throughout their activities. For adults and children, ActiveWear is the ideal wearing option while playing sports, enabling you to chat with your tennis friends or hear your class instructor.

BabyWear is designed for young children whose ears may be too small to fit a behind-the-ear audio processor. Babies love crawling around and getting into mischief—it’s important to keep their audio processor safe and secure! As a completely off-the-ear wearing option, BabyWear gives you peace of mind that your child can continue to explore, learn, and hear along the way.




How Do I Wear ActiveWear and BabyWear?

ActiveWear is worn with SONNET to reduce weight on the ear—it allows the microphone part of the SONNET to be worn on the ear, while the battery pack is worn on the body.

BabyWear is a total off-the-ear wearing option. The entire SONNET audio processor is clipped to your child’s clothing on their body, rather than worn on their ear. This leaves nothing behind your baby’s ear, and all the more opportunity for exploring!


Where can I order ActiveWear and BabyWear?

Contact your local MED-EL Representative to find out when ActiveWear and BabyWear will be available in your country to order!




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