CI Users Try Out RONDO 2 For The First Time

Want to know if you should get the RONDO 2? Check out what these three CI users have to say about RONDO 2 after personally trying it out. Johanna, Stephanie and Arnold share all of their thoughts on our latest audio processor, from its super lightweight design to its wireless charging technology.



“Sometimes I have to touch it to see if it’s really still there.”

 The feel of the RONDO 2 is great. The processor is so light and comfortable to wear that I often forget I’m wearing it! I actually sometimes have to touch it to see if it really is still there.

I love the selection of different covers and I find them super easy to change. The different covers are almost like a fashion accessory for me. I like the fact that if, one day, I wanted to hide the RONDO 2, I can simply use the design cover in my hair color, making it practically invisible. On other days when I prefer to wear bright colors, I just clip on a colorful RONDO 2 cover, and most people think it’s a hair clip.

Regarding the battery life, I’m very surprised at how long it lasts. I also find the wireless charging so easy and fast, and I think it’s good to not waste so many batteries.




“With the RONDO 2, I can hear everything really well.”

 I’ve been a happy CI user for over 20 years now. Currently, I use a SONNET Audio Processor on both my left and right ear. I have always been able to hear really well with my SONNETs, whether I’m in a concert, a discussion panel, or a nice evening in a restaurant. However, I do have to admit that in the evenings, I feel relieved when I take off the SONNETs. Even though they are very light, I like to give my ears a break from constantly wearing an attachment on them all day.

With the RONDO 2, I can hear everything really well. The biggest difference for me is that I truly forget that I have them on!

The freedom in being off of the ears is exactly what I like most about RONDO 2. I also find the RONDO 2 really easy to handle, and the wireless charging technology is very high-tech!

RONDO 2 charging



“It’s important to me that my audio processor attracts attention, and I think it’s great that I can make it look different every day.”

Normally I always wear SONNET, a behind-the-ear audio processor. Trying out RONDO 2 was the first time I had ever worn a single-unit audio processor. At first I was rather skeptical about the placement of the microphone, and I was a bit worried about the battery life. However, both concerns proved unfounded according to my experience. I really liked being able to hear whilst my ear was free. Wearing RONDO 2 almost felt like that I wasn’t even wearing an audio processor at all!

I also find the handling of the device very good in general— it’s so easy to use. I would take it off and simply pop it on the charging pad to wirelessly recharge. I found that the battery lasts really well, in fact I didn’t need to recharge or use the back-up mini battery pack during the whole day, which made things a lot easier for me!

Finally, I like that there are both discreet and colorful covers available for RONDO 2. There is a wide selection of beautiful and quite eye-catching covers. It’s important to me that my audio processor attracts attention, and I think it’s great that I can make it look different every day.


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Thanks, Johanna, Arnold, and Stephanie!


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