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Welcome to our new series on cochlear implant rehabilitation for adults. It’s all about helping you achieve your best with your cochlear implant, from what you can expect, to activities you can practice at home. We will also share handy tips and resources to help you on your hearing journey.

First up, let’s take a look at what can you expect to achieve with your cochlear implant.


What Can I Expect To Achieve With My Cochlear Implant?

When it comes to cochlear implants, everyone is different, and results vary from person to person.
There are a range of communication outcomes that are possible after receiving a CI. The ability to converse easily in all situations and on the telephone is certainly possible with a cochlear implant but is not a realistic expectation for all recipients. A CI may allow you to converse in everyday situations, in quiet situations, or may improve your ability to lip read, all outcomes which will improve your communication with others.


What Can Affect My Success With A Cochlear Implant?

Prior to receiving your implant, your cochlear implant team will discuss with you the factors that may affect your communication. These internal factors might include:

• The duration of your hearing loss
• Age when hearing loss began – whether this was before or after learning language
• Medical findings
• The cause of your hearing loss
• Your general health status
• Any additional disabilities you may have

Age is not a factor when it comes to achieving good outcomes with a cochlear implant. Research shows that CI recipients report an improvement in quality of life after receiving a cochlear implant regardless of their age.

There are also external factors that can influence your success with your CI. These include:

• Your use of your audio processor
• Your motivation
• Opportunities for active practice with your audio processor
• The support services available to you
• Your family and social dynamics


What Can I Do To Influence My Cochlear Implant Success?

The number one factor you can influence for success with your CI is your use of the device. Wear your audio processor all day! Put it on as soon as you wake up in the morning. This can be challenging and tiring in the first weeks and months after activation, but perseverance pays off. Plan to slowly increase the wear of your audio processor each day. The more you wear your audio processor, the more opportunity your brain will have to become accustomed to the new information it is receiving.

Come back next month to find out more about auditory training. Our post will include printable activities for you to kick start your practice at home!


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