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Don’t know where to start with your hearing implant rehabilitation? Download MED-EL’s Hear Today app for rehabilitation tips at the right level for you.


The Hear Today app will introduce you to the process of rehabilitation using your hearing implant system.

The app includes:

  • Introductory information to help prepare you for the rehabilitation process. It also provides information to promote successful communication and information for communication partners.
  • A Status Questionnaire to direct you to the most appropriate starting point for rehabilitation goals.
  • Tips, Strategies and Further Steps for each of the goals.


The Hear Today app is available in English, German and French. Download now from Google Play or the Apple App Store. If you download the app until 20th January 2021 you can try the full version for free.

A LITE version with limited features is also available and always for free.


“I’d recommend it as a useful way of thinking about your communication before getting your implant, and then again afterwards so you can see if you have improved and areas you want to work on with friends, family, and your clinical support team.”

Dakota Bysouth-Young, Specialist Audiologist, Hearing Implants Australia


Start by navigating to Home and reading the introduction, also read about The Rehabilitation Process, Returning to Work, What to Expect, Successful Communication, Visual Cues (Lip Reading) and Information for Communication Partners. More information about what to expect and successful communication can also be found here on the MED-EL Blog.

Next, tap Profile or Clients and add your details under Add New Client. Then scroll to the bottom of the page to Save Changes. (This step is not required with the LITE version of the app).

Once you have added a new client, go to Test or Status Questionnaire and Goals. Tap on 1. To wear my speech processor every day. Then answer the first question I wear my speech processor everyday… by tapping the answer that best matches your response Rarely (25%), Sometimes (50%) or Often (75%).

Once you have tapped your response, goals such as Wear your processor all the time at home will appear, along with Tips, Strategies and Further Steps. Read through this information, scroll to the bottom of the page and then tap Next.

Continue this process with all 12 questions.

Once all 12 questions have been answered tap Send Results. A window will pop up for you to complete your name and e-mail address. Then your collated results will be sent to you as a PDF. (The LITE version of the app does not have this function. Read Goals and Tips, Strategies and Further Steps while you are completing the Status Questionnaire).


We hope the use of this app helps you with your hearing implant rehabilitation at home. Looking for more tips for your cochlear implant rehabilitation? Check out our Rehab for Adults series as well!

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