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Welcome back to our Rehab at Home for Adults series where you can learn how to reach everyday listening goals and improve your hearing. Today’s goal is about understanding speech when the person speaking to you is far away.

Goal 8: To Understand Speech When the Speaker Is Far Away

When the speaker is far away from you, speech can be difficult to understand. That’s because the distance reduces the volume of the speech. In this video, Mary-Jane’s husband Nick talks about the strategies they keep in mind when they want to communicate with each other when there’s distance between them.

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Tips for Understanding Speech When the Speaker is Far Away

Here are some additional tips to help you achieve the goal of understanding speech when the speaker is far away.

To Get Started

  • Go to group events and sit as close to the speaker as possible. Arrive early so you have time to find a seat close to the front. Before the event inform the speaker or organizer that you have hearing loss.
  • At your next appointment with your hearing professional, ask about using an accessory, assistive listening device, or Telecoil to help you hear better over a distance.

As You Progress

  • Go to an event where a person will be speaking to a group of people (e.g. a lecture or a function where there will be a speech, such as a birthday party or wedding). Move as close to the person speaking as possible but be mindful of noise sources.

Once You’re Almost There

  • Go to an event where the speaker is far away. Investigate support services that can help you in these situations such as captioning or a note-taker.
  • Ask your hearing professional about assistive listening devices.
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Using Telecoil

With the exception of RONDO 3, all MED-EL audio processors have telecoil. This works in environments that are fitted with an induction loop system, like theaters and auditoriums. This loop works with your audio processor(s) to send the speech from the room’s speaker system signal straight to your hearing technology. Look for this symbol in the venue.


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