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When it comes to hearing implants, there’s no doubt about it: The most important thing for your child is hearing performance. But, for a lot of kids with hearing implants, something else matters too: How their audio processor looks. Thankfully, it’s super easy to customize your child’s audio processor and fit it to their unique personality. Read on to find out three different ways to personalize your child’s audio processor for more color and fun in everyday life!


1. Design Covers For MED-EL Audio Processors

Does your little one feel like a superhero? Or like Captain Jack Sparrow sailing across the big, wide ocean? No matter what they want to be today, Design Covers are a great way to customize your kid’s MED-EL audio processor. The bright and bold Design Covers are available for SONNET, RONDO 2, and SAMBA, and come in a huge variety of patterns, colors, and designs. And if your child uses an ADHEAR, the stylish sleeves in blue and pink help bring some color to everyday life, and – an added bonus – the sleeves also protect your child’s ADHEAR from dust and scratches!

Kid's prints

Can’t decide which Design Cover to get? Our recommendation: Simply choose a variety of your child’s favorite designs so that they can change their audio processor’s style to suit their style. Swapping design covers is a piece of cake and can be done whenever the mood takes them!


2. Design Skins

If your child uses a SONNET, RONDO, OPUS 2, or ADHEAR, another great way to match their MED-EL audio processor to their unique style are design skins! Design skins are specially-designed stickers that can be stuck directly on the audio processor. From your child’s favorite soccer club to colorful flowers, to cool flamingos and Bugs Bunny – with design skins everything is possible!

If your little one changes their mind, skins can easily be removed and replaced with different skins for a whole new look. Simple! Design skins for MED-EL audio processors can be ordered from DeinDesign and Skinit, both of which ship internationally.



3. My Lugs: Make It Your Own!

As the mother of a cheerful little CI user, Sarah Ivermee from the UK knows exactly what cochlear implants and other hearing aids and implants for children should look like. When her son Freddie got his first cochlear implant, he loved it from the get-go and quickly got used to wearing it. But after meeting many young hearing implant users and their parents, Sarah noticed that this is not the case for every child. Some children don’t want to wear their devices simply because of the way they look. Sarah wanted to change something so she researched how to make hearing aids and implants more fun to wear. That’s how her company, MyLugs, was born!


You can find a huge variety of different Lugs kits on her online shop. Batman, Marvel characters, Harry Potter, Pokémon, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, butterflies, or seasonal kits with Christmas trees or pumpkins – Sarah has something for every young hearing implant user’s taste. And the collection is always growing! Each kit consists of colored vinyl stickers that cover most of the audio processor, as well as stickers and charms for decoration. MyLugs offers kits for SONNET, OPUS 2, RONDO, and SAMBA and ships internationally.


And what are Sarah’s favorite kits? “I have to say, I love them all, especially the pictures customers send me of their creations, but my favorites over the years have been superheroes, princesses and pineapples!”


P.S. Design Covers, design skins, and other customization options aren’t just for children. They can also be a fun way to personalize an audio processor for hearing implant users of every age!


Please note: Design Skins and MyLugs kits are not manufactured by MED-EL. 


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