Roger™ 21 from Phonak: Frequently Asked Questions

Boost your hearing in challenging listening environments with Roger™ 21 from Phonak, a wireless receiver that is built into a battery pack cover for SONNET.

All About ActiveWear And BabyWear

No matter what age you are, life can get busy with so much to see, do, & learn. BabyWear and ActiveWear enable SONNET users to live life to the fullest!

A Singer with Single-Sided Deafness: Losing Music

Our in-house musicologist Johanna, is a musician & cochlear implant recipient. Johanna shares how single-sided deafness affected her ability to enjoy music.

Develop Your Child’s Communication Skills While Driving In The Car

Driving in the car is often a part of daily activities with your child. Make the most of this time by building your child’s communication skills!

An Audiologist With Single-Sided Deafness

Sharon has worked as an audiologist since losing her hearing forty years ago. Find out what prompted her to recently make the decision to get a cochlear implant.

Talking Tips With Your Child: Using Expansion and Extension

Use these talking tips to build on the words your child already knows, helping to develop their language skills and form phrases.

Challenges of a Cochlear Implant Journey: Baby Mika Enters the World of Sound

The second part of Baby Mika's story focuses on the cochlear implant surgery and the family's plans for the future.

Build a Cookie Castle And Develop Language Skills

Birthdays and celebrations are held throughout the year. Build a cookie castle or fairy castle cake with your child to develop their language skills!

Overcoming Challenges: Baby Mika’s Unique Cochlear Implant Journey

The cochlear implant journey can feel like an emotional roller coaster. After finding out her baby daughter was deaf, Tash traveled across the globe in search of options to enable her daughter to hear.