When Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation Isn’t Enough

Here's what kind of cochlear implant rehabilitation you can do to re-build the social connections you might have lost due to hearing loss.

Raising a Child with Hearing Loss

Jesper Juul is a family therapist Here he shares some thoughts for parents who are raising a child with hearing loss.

Games to Help Your Child Develop Listening Skills

So your child’s gotten her cochlear implant, and has started to develop listening skills. Now what—once she’s started hearing sounds, what can you do to help? Here are some games that you can [...]

What Cochlear Implant Reliability Really Means

Get the real facts on cochlear implant reliability from MED-EL. What does cochlear implant reliability mean? Why should you care?

Going to the Hospital with a Hearing Aid or Hearing Implant

If you’re going to the hospital with a hearing aid, or hearing implant, here are a few tips that can make your stay as smooth as possible.

The Speed of Hearing

What do you think is the fastest sense? The speed of hearing takes 1/20 of a second for the brain to hear a sound once it reaches your ear.

All About the Ling Six Sound Test

The Ling Six Sound Test: it’s a simple way to check if someone can hear the speech sounds that they need to build their listening and speaking skills. It’s an activity that anyone with hearing [...]

The Best Smoke Detector for Hearing Loss

If you've got hearing loss picking the right smoke detector can save your life. Here's why normal detectors aren't always the right choice.