Envelope and Fine Structure: the Sounds of FineHearing

A cochlear implant receives, interprets, and processes sound into the envelope and fine structure: information the brain understands.

How to Listen to Music With Your Cochlear Implant—Better

Here are practical tips and information that you can use to listen to music and enjoy it, hearing with your cochlear implant

6 Signs of Hearing Loss in Children

Whether you have a newborn or a child that is a few years old, if he or she has a hearing loss you will probably feel a range of emotions. It’s okay to feel this way, especially  because you only [...]

Cochlear Implant First Fitting: What to Know

Here's some information you can use to learn about a cochlear implant first fitting, the day your cochlear implant will be turned on.

In The Beginning There Was Sound: Guest Post by Morgan Martins

Editor’s note: we’re happy to introduce a new guest author, Morgan Martins, who will share with us her experiences with hearing loss and receiving a MED-EL cochlear implant. Here is [...]

Cochlear Implant Surgery for Older Adults

If your parent has just had cochlear implant surgery, here's what you can do in the next days and weeks.

See How The Brain Hears Sound

It's your ear that picks up sound, but it's in your brain where "hearing" happens. Here are images showing how the brain hears.

6 Ways to Practice Your Sound Localization

Sound localization is one of the major benefits of bilateral hearing. Learn what sound localization is, and what it

MED-EL Cochlear Implant Surgery in Space

This is an April Fools' Joke. MED-EL never had a cochlear implant surgery in space. But if you want a laugh, read along!