The History of MED-EL Electrode Arrays

One of the main parts of the implant in a cochlear implant system is the electrode. Electrodes send electrical pulses to the nerve cells within the cochlea. It sounds simple, right? But if they [...]

Interview with Cochlear Implant Recipient and Musician Daniyil Danilov

Here's an interview with cochlear implant recipient Daniyil Danilov. He plays the piano and loves music.

What is Sound?

What is sound? Sound is all around you, but you can only hear it with your ears. Here's information about what sound is and how you hear it.

MED-EL Musicians at the International Piano Festival by People With Disabilities

Five MED-EL musicians and cochlear implant recipients will play in the International Piano Festival by People With Disabilities.

Rehabilitation for Cochlear Implant Recipients

If you have a cochlear implant, do you remember your activation day? Do you remember what the world sounded like, and has it changed since that day? Everybody will experience their activation in [...]